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Thriving on
change is in
our DNA

At Kmeleon we not only adapt to transformation, we drive it.

Thriving on </br>
change is in <br>
our DNA

Our expertise

We capitalize on the ever changing digital landscape by creating solutions based on artificial intelligence, cloud services and simple user experiences.

Data and AI
Data and AI

We use a combination of proprietary and public AI models to create services and insights to power our solutions.

Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Our solutions are 100% cloud and microservice based, globally scalable and tuned with telemetric insights we collect at every point.


Each of our solutions are created with the idea that the more complex the solution the easier should be to operate and adopt.



Personal assistant for businesses that connects to backend systems to help you find important information and take actions right from your preferred communication app.


This solution harnesses the power of machine learning search to aggregate, index and understand your business documents to offer you one search service for your entire business.

Dev Services
Dev Services

Do you want to accelerate your AI and cloud adoption? We have worked alongside various dev teams and guided them on this journey, from ideation and architecture to implementation and devops practices.

The team

Dustin Gallegos
Cloud Architect & Entrepreneur
12+ yrs building global solutions for enterprises and governments. Likes to play futbol & kitesurfing.
Rocky Hirsch
Technical Business Strategist
6 Years of Experience.
Playing or watching
Katya Radzhabova
Business Development
18+ years of experience.
Loves hiking and visiting
art museums.
Salvattore Stracuzzi
Software Development Manager
7+ years of experience Loves to play basketball, watch animes and action movies.
Emmanuel Nwamah
Software Engineer
BS Computer Engineering
and MS Computer Science.
Loves to read fiction.
Laura Desmaras
Marketing and Entrepreneur
14+ years of experience.
Loves travelling, hiking and
acrobatic sports.
Mara Ares
Multimedia entrepreneur
12+ years creating tech startups
Plays the piano and likes rollerblading.
watch animes.

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